Holistic Retreats

Experience the healing and restoration of our Holistic Retreats. A place where you can leave the distractions of daily life behind and concentrate on your journey to balance and rejuvenation. 

Our signature retreats feature a comprehensive holistic approach to wellness that focuses on rest, relaxation and self-care. An experience that includes restorative and invigorating services such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy and spa treatments. Additionally, our Holistic Retreats offers healthy nutritious meals, one on one consultations and counseling to help you create harmony in spirit, soul and body.

Our retreat goal is simple: to give you the space, tools and support you need to achieve total peace and wellness. We only accept limited number of guests per session which allows staff to fully focus on your specific needs. Our retreat programs are evidence-based and promote overall emotional wellness. Additionally, we can customize retreats for groups and organizations.

Call Joint Opportunities today to learn more about the transformative power of our Holistic Retreats.