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TASP-Therapeutic Afterschool Program

For many school-age children, bullying and other negative social behavior significantly hinders their learning, self-esteem and growth. In order to meet this problem head-on, Joint Opportunities offers our innovative Therapeutic Afterschool Program (TASP). Developed to target at-risk students, this exciting program is designed to improve self-pride, academic and social success, as well as improve the school environment as a whole.

The TASP program is based on the premise that all children should feel welcomed, safe and valued regardless of their beliefs, background and appearance. At Joint Opportunities, our main goal in establishing this program is to foster feelings of inclusion, confidence and safety. TASP promotes growth and enrichment to all students.

TASP is comprised of therapeutic play activities that are both engaging and fun! Children can take part in unique activities such as mindfulness, Hip- Hop Therapy, Theraplay, as well as an exciting program called Dream Again Youth. With this program, children are exposed to a variety of professions through workshops, projects, field trips and presentations.

Through active participation and support, children learn to build their confidence, healthy communication skills, and are able to develop the social skills needed to be empathetic and compassionate towards others.
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