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Re-Entry Solutions

For those who are re-entering the community after incarceration, there is a great deal of stigma and obstacles to overcome. Joint Opportunities offers two exciting programs that help ex-offenders stay crime-free promoting an understanding of self and fostering a sense of self-discovery, discipline and accountability for one’s actions. These programs are Offenders Anonymous® and Dream Again Offenders.

Offenders Anonymous ®

The unique Offenders Anonymous® program was designed exclusively by Joint Opportunities. This exciting 12-step program not only helps ex-offenders stay crime free, it helps other offenders from re-offending. Additionally, ex-offenders will understand themselves and how their behaviors affect others. The core goals of these program are the following:

1. Create a space for ex-offenders to overcome personal obstacles that led to criminal behavior through the safe environment of support groups.
2. Offer opportunities and strategies for positive socialization and successful re-entry.
3. Focus on employment readiness and retention, believing that work promotes self-respect and dignity enabling ex-offenders to maintain a crime-free life

Offenders Anonymous® is facilitated by experienced staff specializing in working with the ex-offender population. Additionally, the program will be co-facilitated by community leaders and reformed offenders.

Dream Again Offenders

The main goal of the Dream Again Offenders program is to help each person uncover their life’s purpose, develop personal goals, address anti-social behaviors and strengthen problem solving and social skills. Each student will complete a series of 18 “self-discovery” assignments developed around the six stages of change utilizing Motivational Interviewing techniques. Before students can move on to the next assignment, they along with their teacher will thoroughly review each assignment for understanding.

Students will learn ways to raise their consciousness, to better gauge their emotional arousal and assess their feelings and finding healthy alternatives to problem habits and behaviors. Through the Dream Again Offenders program, students will learn new skills, develop inner strength and build self-confidence as the navigate the pathways of change.

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