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Recovery Support

Recovery isn’t a moment; it is a process. At Joint Opportunities, we recognize that recovery requires continual growth and improvement in body, mind and soul. To help those in recovery realize this goal, Joint Opportunities offers Recovery Support programs that fit every need.

Our Recovery Support programs has four main goals:

*Promote healthy choices that support positive self-worth, esteem and being.
*Build a home environment conducive to healthy choices and living.
*Empowerment to engage in meaningful daily activities that promote recovery.
*Create social support networks that foster strong and loving friendships and relationships.

To meet these goals, Joint Opportunities offers a wide variety of Recovery Support solutions for individuals as well as groups. Our experienced staff offers and facilitates classes in the following:

• Relapse/Recidivism Prevention
• Anger Management
• Spirituality and Recovery
• Recovery Tools
• Women’s Trauma
• Mindfulness Techniques

Contact Joint Opportunities today and learn more about how our Recovery Support programs can help.