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Joint Opportunities provides several workshops that address the psychological and spiritual needs of those who seek to transform their lives. All of our workshops are created and individualized to address each client’s specific needs.

Additionally, we also provide in-service workshops for group homes and agencies. The topics covered include: Understanding and developing coping skills, Effective Client Communication, Understanding the Helping Profession, I matter-Proper self-care, and Conflict Resolution.

Dream Again Workshop

The Dream Again workshop is for people ready to regain control of their lives and overcome heartache, a loss of life purpose and the devastation that many are facing today. Through the use of innovative brain-storming techniques, people will learn how to overcome obstacles such as procrastination, failure and fear. This innovative workshop will allow people to unlock their authentic selves and become empowered to rise above their past and on the path to fulfilling their life’s purpose.

The Love Struggle

The Love Struggle workshop addresses the myths about love and effective ways to achieve the true sense of love we all desire and need. This breakthrough workshop reveals how the understanding of love can be distorted through dysfunction, abuse and trauma. The Love Struggle allows you to develop a new awareness of the power of self-love, become the presence of love and learn how to attract the kind of genuine love you deserve. This workshop is recommended for victims of Human Trafficking.

Absolute Power of Women

This groundbreaking workshop will help women unleash within themselves an awareness and power of self-love. Women will learn the truth that love does not have to wait for perfection. Through creative work-play, women will discover they are the portal of life and are worthy of all the love they deserve. Ultimately, those who attend this powerful workshop will learn that finding and attracting love comes from within.

Anger Management

While a common emotion, anger can be destructive if one doesn’t know how to control it. In Joint Opportunities’’ Anger Management workshop, people will learn simple yet effective strategies to control their anger. These strategies include anger acknowledgment, relaxation techniques, using empathy towards self and others, and learning to be assertive and confident in the face of stress. With these tools, people can learn that anger doesn’t have to ruin the joys in life they experience. Ultimately, people who attend this workshop learn the power of forgiveness.

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