About Us

About Us

Stronger Individuals, Stronger Families
and Stronger Communities.

Joint Opportunities is a 501c3 non-profit organization who strives to serve and empower individuals who lack the needed resources and support to improve and enrich their lives. Our main goal is to inspire and empower all of those we serve with shedding negative self-images and attitudes of helplessness and hopelessness. Through our programs and outreach, we aim to create stronger individuals, stronger families and stronger communities.

Joint Opportunities continues to impact our community through quality mental health and substance abuse counseling, Therapeutic Afterschool programs, Re-entry services, community building workshops, recovery support, and wellness retreats. These programs feature evidence-based behavioral-modification programing focusing on shifting negative patterns of behavior, overcoming barriers, and the visualization and practice of healthy communication and life purpose. In addition, Joint Opportunities offers a 12-step Offenders Anonymous Program created and trademarked by Joint Opportunities.

At Joint Opportunities, the impossible becomes possible.

Joint Opportunities currently provides services to human trafficking victims (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC), victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, displaced children, victims of domestic violence, perpetrators and victims of bullying, victims of crime and trauma, substance abuse and individuals with criminal records.

Community-based JO programs are partnered with churches, corporations and other non-profits, to create a formal network of supportive services that has continued to serve high-need populations. JO provides early prevention services through a number of programs, workshops, professional collaborations, and individualized care.

Additionally, Joint Opportunities offers access to faith-based programs for spiritual support, community resources and various professional collaborations which promote personal, professional and spiritual growth. Our mission is to help individuals and families realize their potential, goals and dreams.

At Joint Opportunities, the impossible becomes possible. Our experienced and compassionate staff will give you the power to change your life and positively shape your community.

Here is a list of our innovative and ground breaking programs:

  • Still Waters Trauma Recovery Center
  • TASP (Therapeutic Afterschool Program)
  • Recovery Support
  • Re-Entry Solutions
  • Still Waters Retreats
  • Workshops

Our Mission

Joint Opportunities’ mission is to enhance the well-being of individuals through various means, including education, empowerment, wellness, resilience, and leadership. Our aim is to equip individuals with the necessary tools and resources to attain employment, start a new business, stability, and the ability to build healthy families and contribute to their communities. We are deeply committed to addressing the needs of underprivileged communities with limited resources.

Currently, Joint Opportunities provides comprehensive services to various vulnerable populations. This includes support for victims of human trafficking, such as commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC), survivors of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, displaced children, victims of domestic violence, individuals affected by bullying, victims of crime and trauma, individuals struggling with substance abuse, and those with criminal records

Through a range of programs and initiatives, Joint Opportunities continues to make a positive impact in our community. Our services encompass quality mental health and substance abuse counseling, therapeutic afterschool programs, re-entry services, community workshops, recovery support, wellness retreats, and engaging events. These programs incorporate evidence-based behavioral modification techniques, aiming to shift negative behavior patterns, overcome barriers, and foster healthy communication and life purpose. Additionally, Joint Opportunities offers the Offenders Anonymous Program, a trademarked 12-step program developed by our organization.