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Stronger Individuals, Stronger Families and Stronger Communities.

Joint Opportunities is a 501c3 non-profit organization who strives to serve and empower individuals who lack the needed resources and support to improve and enrich their lives. Our main goal is to inspire and empower all of those we serve with shedding negative self-images and attitudes of helplessness and hopelessness. Through our programs and outreach, we aim to create stronger individuals, stronger families and stronger communities.

Joint Opportunities continues to impact our community through quality mental health and substance abuse counseling, Therapeutic Afterschool programs, Re-entry services, community building workshops, recovery support, and wellness retreats. These programs feature evidence-based behavioral-modification programing focusing on shifting negative patterns of behavior, overcoming barriers, and the visualization and practice of healthy communication and life purpose. In addition, Joint Opportunities offers a 12-step Offenders Anonymous Program created and trademarked by Joint Opportunities.

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Our Mission

Joint Opportunities mission is to improve the welfare of individuals through, but not limited to, education, empowerment, wellness, resilience, and leadership so individuals will be in a better position to gain employment and stability, sustain healthy families and contribute to their communities. Joint Opportunities has always been committed to meeting the needs of high-poverty communities with limited resources, in an effort to create meaningful opportunities to improve quality of life.

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Our Programs


Soul Solutions Counseling Center

Soul Solutions Counseling Center was created to find lasting and healthy solutions for the soul!

TASP-Therapeutic Afterschool Program

For many school-age children, bullying and other negative social behavior significantly hinders thei

Recovery Support

Recovery isn’t a moment; it is a process. At Joint Opportunities, we recognize that recovery requi

Re-Entry Solutions

For those who are re-entering the community after incarceration, there is a great deal of stigma and


Joint Opportunities provides several workshops that address the psychological and spiritual needs of

Still Waters Holistic Retreats

Experience the healing and revival of Still Waters Holistic Retreats. If you are looking to complet

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