Justice Involved and Recovery

Justice Involved

For individuals re-entering the community after incarceration, overcoming stigma and obstacles can be challenging. Joint Opportunities provides two impactful Re-Entry programs: Offenders Anonymous® and Dream Again for Justice Impacted. These programs aim to support individuals in staying crime-free, fostering self-understanding, self-discovery, discipline, and accountability for their actions.

Offenders Anonymous

Joint Opportunities has exclusively developed the unique Offenders Anonymous® program. This dynamic 12-step program not only aids ex-offenders in maintaining a crime-free life but also supports other offenders in avoiding re-offending. Furthermore, participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the impact of their behaviors on others. The core goals of the program are as follows:

1. Provide a supportive environment through support groups where ex-offenders can overcome personal obstacles that contributed to their criminal behavior.

2. Offer opportunities and strategies for positive socialization and successful re-entry into society.

3. Emphasize employment readiness and retention, recognizing that work fosters self-respect and dignity, enabling ex-offenders to lead crime-free lives.

Offenders Anonymous® is facilitated by experienced staff who specialize in working with the Justice Involved population. Additionally, community leaders and reformed offenders will co-facilitate the program, enriching the participants’ experience.

Dream Again Justice Impacted

The primary objective of the Dream Again program is to assist individuals in discovering their life’s purpose, establishing personal goals, addressing anti-social behaviors, and enhancing problem-solving and social skills. Participants will engage in a series of “self-discovery” assignments based on the six stages of change, incorporating Motivational Interviewing techniques.
The program guides students in raising their self-awareness, effectively managing emotional arousal, evaluating their emotions, and identifying healthy alternatives to problematic habits and behaviors. By participating in the Dream Again Justice Impacted program, students acquire new skills, cultivate inner strength, and develop self-confidence as they navigate the transformative journey.

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Recovery Support

Recovery isn’t a moment; it is a process. At Joint Opportunities, we understand that it entails continuous growth and improvement in body, mind, and soul. To assist individuals in their recovery journey, we provide a range of Recovery Support programs tailored to individual needs.

These programs are guided by four main goals:

  • *Promote healthy choices that foster positive self-worth, esteem, and overall well-being.
  • Cultivate a home environment conducive to healthy choices and sustainable living.
  • Empower individuals to engage in meaningful daily activities that contribute to their recovery.

Create social support networks that nurture strong and compassionate friendships and relationships.

To achieve these goals, Joint Opportunities offers a diverse array of Recovery Support solutions for both individuals and groups. Our experienced staff facilitates classes in various areas, including:

  • Relapse/Recidivism Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Spirituality and Recovery
  • Recovery Tools
  • Women’s Trauma
  • Mindfulness Techniques

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